Small but Mighty in 2019

Caring Cooks is a small charity, and, in many ways, we like it like that. The team is small enough that it feels more like a family and the office has a cosy, intimate atmosphere.

However, being a small charity has its own set of challenges. It can be difficult to secure sources of funding when you don’t have the big profile of some of the larger, more well known charities, and this unpredictability of funding has the potential to leave us vulnerable. Running a small charity in Jersey is particularly challenging as there is so much competition for funding with the presence of almost 300 hundred charities on an Island which has a population of just over 100,000.

The great news is that despite these challenges, Caring Cooks have had an amazing year. We have grown and we plan to continue growing! We are so proud that against all the odds, we have achieved some incredible things in 2019:

  • We have supported 50 adults and 70 children across 47 families who are experiencing challenging times, illness or the loss of family members, through our Weekly Meal Service.
  • We have taught 1,289 children basic cookery skills, the fundamentals of nutrition and extended this learning across numeracy, literacy, geography and history through our Let’s Get Cooking Programme.
  • We have grown vegetables with our schools through the Kitchen Garden Project which have then been used to prepare a range of dishes in school.
  • We have prepared, cooked and served nearly 14,000 nutritious school meals in just 3 months, for the first time ever in Jersey, to primary school children through our pioneering Flourish programme.
  • We have appointed two new and very well respected individuals to our Board, Garry Toy and Yvonne Corbin, who bring the expertise and knowledge we need as an organisation to be able to start scaling up Caring Cooks and it’s successful evidence based programmes to more children and young people in Jersey. 

Our achievements are thanks to our loyal volunteers and fundraisers, an awesome team and a CEO with an incomparable passion for inspiring and implementing generational behaviour change on the Island of Jersey. Special mentions as well to the Government of Jersey and some wonderful corporate sponsorship.

Thank you to everyone who came along on the Caring Cooks journey in 2019!

Thinking ahead to next year we have some even more ambitious plans but to fulfil our ambitions we need your help! We need more fundraisers and volunteers than ever before to continue on this upward trajectory. Can you help?

Bring it on 2020, we’re ready for you!

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