Our founding service, which supports, on average, 30 adults and children each week, through times of hardship, be that serious illness, or financial challenges.  The service allows families to sit down at least once a week to share a nutritious and home-made meal, together as a family, without the worry of having to cook or spend money on ingredients.  The service is for a minimum of 6 weeks, and support can be extended to 12 weeks if necessary.

We receive referrals for families through a number of partners we work with, who are also involved with caring for families in Jersey.

How does it work?

If you are a new agency who would like to make a referral, please get in touch with us and we can send you the

Once we receive a referral, we will contact the family to ascertain dietary requirements and advise them of when the service will start.

The meal is then prepared and delivered on a Saturday from our weekly kitchen at Centrepoint Trust by our kind team of volunteers.

If you are an agency or a charity in Jersey who would like to refer a family to us, please get in touch and we can send you the referrer FAQ sheet with details about how to make a referral. Unfortunately we cannot accept direct requests for assistance.

Here is what one Mum said about the service –

“Caring Cooks helped us when I had major surgery last year and was unable to walk more than a few steps at a time for weeks. My husband was working full time in the day and teaching two nights a week and looking after our two girls.  The weekly meals were such a great help I am ever so grateful to you”