We strongly believe that food and nutrition from an early age in a child’s life is very important and we want to support parents in making that a part of daily life, through the programmes and services we provide –

Weekly Meal Service –  a service designed to support families through hardship, be that financial or ill health, and allow them to eat well and eat together, at least once a week, without the worry of having to cook or spend money on ingredients

Community Cooking Programme –  5-week cooking courses for parents, with children of school age. It aims to give them the confidence, skills and knowledge to prepare their own meals from scratch, in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment, so that they can establish healthy eating habits in their own home

Kitchen Garden ProjectA ‘plant to plate’ project designed to provide the children with the essential tools and skills they need to grow food from seed and prepare nutritious meals from scratch – equipping them with some of life’s most valuable skills.