Let’s Get Cooking Programme

The Let’s Get Cooking Programme, delivers food and nutrition education to ensure that primary school children go to secondary school with an understanding of basic nutrition and an armoury of essential life skills.

The Let’s Get Cooking Programme is a cross curricular and progressive skills based programme for primary schools in Jersey, which teaches them how to prepare simple meals from scratch and the fundamentals of nutrition. 

Children begin their journey on the programme in Year 1, where they learn simple techniques such as spreading butter to make a sandwich, snipping herbs and measuring using a spoon.  By the time children reach Year 6, in their final year at primary school, they are able to confidently use the bridge and claw grip, handle raw chicken while understanding cross contamination, and use heat independently to make a risotto.

By the time they leave for secondary schools, they will have the skills and knowledge to cook 30 recipes from scratch and be armed with all they need to know about making healthy food choices in the future. 

The programme doesn’t just teach skills, it encompasses much discussion and other activities around food such as portion sizes, the Eat Well Guide and where food comes from.  This not only provides the children with an engaging learning opportunity but encompasses other areas of the curriculum such as Geography, Science, PHSE and History. 

Each week, recipes are sent home with the children, and parents and carers are encouraged to cook them at home with their children, so the whole family benefits.

This programme is truly changing lives, and we have only just started our journey with the thousands of primary school children in Jersey.  As a result of this programme we have seen – 

89% of children try at least one new food, they wouldn’t have otherwise eaten

71% of children have a positive change in their eating habits

61% of families using the recipes at home, to cook with their children 

What’s more 100% of Headteachers whose school is part of the programme agree that it has had a positive effect on children’s reading, writing, numeracy, confidence and motivation. You can read our impact report to see the fuller benefit this programme brings to our community in Jersey.

“We need to give kids the experience of what healthy food is – Our kids need to plant it, grow it, and prepare it. It needs to be made affordable.”

Barnaby Spring

In 2019, we will be bringing Rouge Bouillon School on to the Let’s Get Cooking Programme,  giving over 25% of the Islands primary school children this life changing experience.
Our vision is that by 2025, all 22 States primary schools and over 5,000 children will be part of this programme, giving them not only the healthiest start in life but changing their lives, and their children’s lives, for generations to come.