Two of our volunteers, Julia Lydford and Yasmin Thebault, have been working with year 2 children at D’Auvergne School this year, making savoury muffins.  The children have not only learnt practical cooking skills, but the ladies have been working with them on other curricular subjects such as maths, where they have been adding up the cost of the ingredients.

We received this lovely email from Julia and Yasmin, about their wonderful experience at the school –

“We had to write and tell you about our last session at school this afternoon. We had a lovely group, one of whom would not come last week but was encouraged by his class teacher this week. They all loved cheese, which was good, and all tried hard to read and learn more.

The head and deputy head came to visit and were impressed by what the children talked about e.g. knowing the difference between tsp and tbsp. When they collected there muffins two of the children came up to give us and gave us a hug. One of the little girls said it was the best fun ever and the boy, who had been reluctant to attend, also gave us a hug and said how much fun he had had.

Makes our job as volunteers so rewarding and the head has asked us back next academic year! So pleased.

Regards Julia and Yasmin”